According to the India Census Kadapa population was 3,25,725 (Approx..) , kadapa Men represent 50% of the population and 50% of women. Kadapa has an average literacy rate of 70% above the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 76% and female literacy is 64%. In kadapa, 12% of the population aged under 6 years.

Thimm Nayudu (1422 CE) (Pemmasani Nayaks), the development of the area and built many temples and tanks. Golconda Muslims conquered the region in 1565, when CE Mir Jumla investigation continues Gandikota Chinna Thimm Nayudu and defeated by treachery. Later, the British took control of the kadapa 1800 CE. Although the city is old, it was probably from Neknam Khan, commander of Qutb Shahi extension Neknamabad-called prolonged. The name Neknamabad used the city for some time, but slowly fell into ruin and the accounts of the 18th century referred to as a commander but not Nawabs Nekanamabad nabobs of Kadapa. Apart from a few years early kadapa was the seat of the Nawabs Mayana in the 18th century. With the British occupation of the road EC 1800, was home to one in four groups for the main collector named Major Munro. The Relic reign kadapa the nabobs found in the city. Most importantly, two towers and the Dargah. The city has many temples in and around the city and also has three churches. I had to visit many historical sites. Ontimitta is one of the most famous place in kadapa.


Kadapa is located at 14.47N 78.82E average altitude of 138 meters (452 feet). Kadapa region has an area of 8,723 sq.m. is in the form of an irregular parallelogram, in almost equal halves of the chain of Eastern Ghats, where it crosses the entire length is divided. The two channels thus formed have very different properties. The first is to the north, east and southeast regional low altitude, while the other, which includes the southern and south-west is a high plateau 1500 with 2500 ft (760 m) altitude. The key is the river Penna is the district of Bellary in the west and flows eastward in Nellore. Even if a great river and sea, and rain, the hot water in a large quantity of months time reduced to a small creek. Main tributaries are the Kundaur, Saglair, Cheyair Papagni and rivers.

Kadapa the form of an irregular rectangle, an interim review of the Eastern Ghats divided. The city is located in the Bugga or Ralla Vanka in a hollow bounded on the south by the main Palakondas, part of Eastern Ghats, and east by a strip of the same design of the north to the hills across the side of Lankamalas Penneru . The two channels thus formed have different functions. The first, a low-lying plain of about 400 meters (120 feet) to 450 meters (137 feet) above sea level, is the north, east and southeast of the city, while the other is in the south and southwest are a high plateau from 1500 to 2500 feet (760 meters) above sea level.

Kadapa Railway Station Phone Number: 08562-244349 

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